In My Homeland: the juries of three contests reviewed works of young artists, cartoonists and photographers
14 February 2024

The most important week of the International Art Project "In My Homeland" has come to an end. From 5 to 8 February 2024, the jury members of the three contests - the 19th International Painting and Graphics Contest, the 9th International Cartoon and Strip-film Contest and the 2nd International Photography Contest - reviewed the submitted works and made their decision.

The project "In My Homeland" presents the works of young artists, animators and photographers
13 April 2023

The winners of the three contests "In My Homeland" will receive their awards during the opening of the final exhibition of the 18th International Painting and Graphics Contest, which will be held on April 29, 2023 at the centre "Ecology and Health" of the Green Cross Belarus.

The results of the contests "In My Homeland" are already on our website
07 April 2023

There is a time to announce the results of three contests of the International Art Project "In My Homeland". We thank all the participants and congratulate the winners!

Online conference on the results of the "In My Homeland" contests jury work
25 January 2023

The jury members of the 18th International Art and Graphics Contest "In My Homeland", the 8th International Cartoon and Filmstrip Contest "In My Homeland" and the 1st International Photography Contest will gather on January 28 - February 1, 2023 at the GCB educational center "Ecology and Health" to select the best works.

Онлайн-встреча с организаторами и членами жюри конкурсов "На своей земле"
11 October 2022

Приглашаем постоянных и новых участников международных конкурсов "На своей земле" – заинтересованных преподавателей, представителей администрации и методистов – присоединиться к онлайн-встрече с организаторами и членами жюри конкурсов, которая состоится 20 октября 2022 года.