The experiment succeed: experts from 8 countries gathered their exhibitions of children's art
17 February 2020

This year, the organizers of the International art project "In My Homeland" decided to hold an experiment that would reflect the similarity and differences of views of artists and teachers from different countries on children's art. The experiment was carried out in cooperation with a sports kit in Smolevichi on January 28, 2020.

The jury of the 5th International Cartoon and Film-Strip contest "In My Homeland" choose the best films
17 February 2020

Professional artists, teachers, animators and directors from Belarus reviewed the works submitted for the contest on January 30-31, 2020, at the Green Cross Belarus educational center.

The jury of the 15th International Art and Graphics Contest "In My Homeland" determined the winners
17 February 2020

15 professional artists, teachers and art critics from Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine reviewed the works submitted for the contest on January 29-31, 2020, at the Green Cross Belarus educational center.

Accepting applications for the animation part of the conference
24 January 2020

Dear friends!

Due to the fact that there are already a lot of people who want to take part in the International conference of the art project "In My Homeland", and the possibilities are limited, the organizers decided to close the registration for the conference.

Как добраться к месту проведения конференции
15 January 2020

Информация для участников Международной конференции художественного проекта «На своей земле», которая будет проходить 1-3 февраля 2020 г. в образовательном центре ОО «Белорусский зеленый крест» (д. Крюковщина Смолевичского района).