Children international painting festival in Kerman (Iran)

Kerman Municipality invites children in the age 5-15 year from all over the world to take part at the International Children international painting festival in Kerman.

The term for sumbittion of applications - April 30, 2021.


Since painting is the common language of children around the world, holding this event is an effective move to increase the child's level of awareness of various aspects of life and on the other hand, raises their desire to participate in cultural and social competitions among children around the world. It can be an exercise for children to participate in creating a better future for the world. Given that the city of Kerman is known as one of the candidates for a child-friendly city, holding such events can be an important and useful step towards achieving the ultimate goals of a child-friendly city. Another goal of this event is to understand the child's view of strengthening the sense of participation, identity and strengthening the child's view.


From home to galaxy

"Dear child, draw it for us, whatever is around the house, neighborhood, city, village and everything that draws your attention, even an imaginary trip to Kerman".

Partner organizations

UNESCO National Commission, UNESCO Regional Office in Iran, International Affairs of the Ministry of the interior, UNICEF, Children and Adolescents Intellectual Development Center, Education Organization, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Social Welfare Organization of Iran the association of metropolises of Iran, Cultural organization of the municipality of Tehran

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