1st International Contest of Animated Cartoons and Strip-films Jury Board

The jury of the 1stInternationalContestofAnimatedCartoonsandSlidefilmsistobeheldonFebruary 1, 2016 at the Green Cross Belarus Educational Centre. Professional artists- cartoonists, teachers and art critics from Belarus and Russia compose the jury board.

Marina ASTAFYEVA (Moscow, Russia)
Manager of the Coordination Center of the MCPO “Union of Artists-Teachers”
Yuliya BEZHENAR (Vitebsk, Belarus)
Dean of the Faculty of arts and graphics of the Educational Establishment “Vitebsk State University n.a. P.M. Masherov”, PhD in Pedagogy .
Alexander VERESHCHAGIN (Minsk, Belarus)

Marina VOLKOVA (Chelyabinsk, Russia)
Publisher, kulturtraeger, author and manager of dozens of reading and literature promotion projects. “Marina Volkova’s Publishing Agency” publishes books for family reading, poetic and local history  collections.

Anna VYGONNAYA (Minsk, Belarus)
Restoration artist , director of “Batleika” public theatre, Mir village
Galina ROMANOVA (Minsk, Belarus)
Art director of animated films “Rondo-Capriccioso” (2014), “Silly Miss and “Wise” Mister” (2015). She was a teacher at Minsk College of Art n.a. Glebov, Children’s Art School #3.

Mikhail TUMELYA (Minsk, Belarus)
Director, cartoonist,  artist, writer, teacher. Member of the International Association of  Cartoonists (ASIFA). Teacher of a  studio school “Shar”.

Galina TUPIKOVA (Moscow, Russia)
Specialist of the Center of Continuous Art Education , manager of the multimedia contest “Moscow and   Moscowites”

Mikhail TSYBULSKIY (Vitebsk, Belarus)
Ph.D in Study of Art ,  Associate Professor of the Department of  Fine Arts of the Educational Establishment “Vitebsk State University n.a. P.M. Masherov”, member of the Belarusian Union of Artists.