IId International Cartoon and Film-Strip Contest


Green Cross Belarus
“The Center for Continuing art education in Moscow” (Moscow)
MCPO «Teachers of art Union"

are announcing


New time brings new opportunities. Digital Cameras and computers made the process of creating the cartoons much easier and opened the page of school and home animation. Today young artists and their teachers have a unique opportunity to realize their creative ideas in the form of a kind cartoon.


1/ The work should be performed in a time-lapse imaging technology (stop-motion) with the use of any material. The works carried out with the use of computer graphics, are not considered.

2/ Running time must not exceed 7 minutes.

3/ Technical requirements for work: resolution of at least 720x576 for the aspect ratio of 4:3 or 1280x720 for the 16:9 format; recommended codec is H.264.

30 years ago it was a favorite family pastime to watch the filmstrips. You could carefully consider every shot, discuss, consider, and, if necessary, to return once more to the picture, you liked most of all. Today's life is rapidly hurtling somewhere... Almost no room for quiet, introspective view, conversation and discussion. Let's try to remember the good old tradition.


1/ The work should consist of 15 - 64 frames, and can be performed in any technique (drawing, collage, appliqué, dolls, etc.) and materials. The works carried out with the use of computer graphics, are not considered.
2/ The works are stored in digital form, at least 1600x1200 resolution for 4:3 format or 1920x1080  for 16:19 format.
3/ The works presented in the form of numbered images in JPEG, or a single PDF file.
4/ The text must be written in a separate area for each picture.

General terms and conditions:

1/ The participants may be:

  • Groups of Creative people of art schools, art schools, art colleges, art studios;
  • Creative families;
  • The individual participants, who did all the work themselves;

The age of participants is FROM 5 TO 18 YEARS inclusive

2/ The work must be prepared in the year of the Contest it shall participate in.

3/ The topic of the work is free.

4/ The work must have titles, which specify the name of the author (s), year of manufacture, as well as the materials used, indicating the author and the title (music, film clips, paintings, drawings, etc.)

5/ The works in foreign languages must have subtitles in Russian, Belarusian or English

6/ Works are sent to the contest:

1st variant: through special file-sharing services (free file-sharing services, such as: http://my-files.ru/http://cloud.mail.ru/http://dropmefiles.com/ ) link indicated in the registration form.


Fill in the registration form


2nd variant: on DVD or CD-disks, to which registration form must be attached, to the postal address:

Contest “In My Homeland”

Green Cross Belarus

222 201 Smolevichi, Belarus

(The address is complete; the organizers directly from the post office take the works)

We urge all the participants to use REGULAR MAIL or EXPRESS SERVICE EMS. Do not indicate the price (value) of the shipment on the parcel.


The works are accepted from OCTOBER 1 until DECEMBER 31, 2016.


The jury will include painters, artists-teachers, animators and other professionals-animators.

The jury will revise the works in February 2017 and will determine Laureates and Diploma winners of the Contest in different nominations. Laureates’ works will be shown during the international conference of artists-teachers in Minsk and at the opening of the exhibition "In My Homeland", to be held in April 2017; art and animation works will be exhibited in the digital gallery at the Contest web-site: www.children-art.org.

The organizers of the Contest reserve the right to use the works in order to promote and develop the Contest, to use them in methodological activity without consent of the author.


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Web-site: www.children-art.org