Exhibition “Cat and Dog” in Basel

Worldwide kids love animals and enjoy drawing them, both their home pets and wild animals. A large number of wonderful drawings of horses and elephants, birds and fish and of course cats and dogs have accumulated in the collection of the International Art and Graphics Contest for Children and Youth “In My Homeland”.

“Cat and Dog” is the name of the exhibition that is presented from August 16 until October 19, 2012 in a cozy restaurant “L'ESPRIT TREFFEN UND ESSEN” in the Swiss town of Basel. The exhibition is organized by a representative of Green Cross Switzerland Dr.Stephan ROBINSON.

The exposition, that is comprised of 48 kids’ drawings, representing different ages and countries, has received the most positive feedback; viewers noted that they greatly enjoy children’s works as they radiate Joy and Good.

The video version “Cats” with the music of the famous comic composition “Cat Duet” by G.Rossini is available at:              http://youtu.be/zhMofn217gY