Exhibition “Dialogue of centuries: 1812-2012” opened September 17 in Borisov

In the Central library named after I.Kholodeev in the art gallery “Z’yava” were presented 49 works of 26 artists from Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine. The exhibition is the result of a yearlong international project “Dialogue of centuries: 1812-2012”.

The exposition was formed by competent jury comprised of Belarusian artists, members of the Belarusian Artists Union, at the final viewing that took place during the international open air of the project “Dialogue of centuries:1812-2012” on 1-14 August 2012.

The exhibition was opened by Tatyana KIRILLOVA, art historian of the gallery “Z’yava”. A guest of the ceremony, Deputy Head of the Borisov district executive committee, Valentina SHUTKO,  told that the very familiar to her places opened from a different side when depicted on the canvas by the younger generation. A partner of the Project, owner of the club-manor “Bivak” Sergey TOLSTIK noted that it is pleasant to acknowledge the interest of such a large number of people in the history of their native land, the history of events of 1812.

At the opening of the exhibition were present other honorable guests: father Georgiy Tyuhlov, dean of the Blessed Trinity Church in Borisov and archpriest Aleksandr Verbilo, head of the Nativity of Christ Church parish in Borisov. Touching sounds of the polonaise “Farewell to Homeland” written by the participant of the 1812 war M.Oginski were presented by Alla BELYAVSKAYA at the end of the opening ceremony.

The exhibition is open in Borisov until September 27 and after that will move to the following exhibition halls:

17 – 27 September Central library named after I.Kholodeev, art gallery “Z’yava”, Borisov

2 – 23 October Gallery TUT.BY, Minsk

25 October – 30 November Museum of Minsk History, Minsk

10 – 20 November Republican Ecological Center, Minsk

1 – 14 December Smolevichy Town Recreation Centre, Smolevichy