The summer plain-air of the project “Dialogue of centuries: 1914-2014” has come to the end

The international plain-air for students and teaching artist devoted to the events of the World War I took place from the 29-th to the 15-th of August at the Educational Centre of Green Cross Belarus. Painters from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine were working hard during 18 days.

Lectures, excursions, trips to the places where military actions took place during WWI, musical and literary evenings, series of workshops were organized for the participants of the plain-air. The painters learnt about the events of the World War I at Belarusian land and historical context: memoirs of that time and events, recruit songs, poems, music, romances.

To forward the inimitable beauty of the Belarusian nature the painters opted for traditional means- sketches. It is a sketch that helps a painter not only to see and to understand, but also to feel the nature. In the end of the program at the final viewing, a few sketches of each participant were chosen for future exhibitions.

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