The 5th International Conference of Artists-Teachers took place in Minsk

About 200 artists, headmasters of art schools, art experts and editors from Armenia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Check Republic participated in the V-th International-Conference of Artist-Teachers “ Modern art education of children and youth”.

The conference took place in the National center for environmental and local studies from 5 to 7 of February in Minsk. In the program there were reports devoted to the modern art education, presentations of art educational institutions from different countries and of international contests and projects.

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This year a lot of foreign guests participated again. A lot of reports were devoted to art education of Baltics. The art schools of Ekabpilsa (Latvia), Kaunas and Klaipeda (Lithuania) presented the region.

Artists-Teachers from Moldova and Armenia took floor for the first time.

Artist, teacher and art expert Aldona KOLUCKA and the manager of the competition “The Great Well-Known and Unknown Artists” came to the conference with the report devoted to the art-studio CREATIO (Rybnik, Poland).

A famous artist and teacher Vera ROESELOVA, , Professor at the Charles University in Prague and the Prague Academy of Photography and Cinema read a comprehensive report devoted to the approach to the art education of children in Check Republic. Mrs. ROESELOVA brought a lot of illustrative material that was collected during decades.

The report of CEO of the publishing house «4art»(Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Liana SOLONKINA "Academic education in the conceptual world” entailed an discussion with Mrs. Roeselova.

As always a lot of attention was paid to the international contests. The art expert Lydia ISHKOVA (Volgograd, Russia) who was working as an expert with the Jury of the IX-th International Contest of Painting and Graphics  “ In My Homeland” shared her observations on how children disclose the contests themes and notices concerning the qualities of paintings sent to the contest with the participants. The contests "Christmas Angel" (Baltiysk, Russia), “Capacities of water painting” (Omsk, Russia), “ Great known and unknown artists” (Rybnik, Poland), “Slavonic Spring” ( Klaipeda, Lithuania).

The auditory was captivated by workshops. The conference participants were impressed by speech of  a teacher at Children's Art School in Slutsk Gunefa MATYUSHENKOVA who demonstrated the methodical developments devoted to the line in composition. Everybody was interested in the pressing problem of the exhibition paintings decoration. Teacher at Children's Art School in Gatchina Vitaly KIM shared his secrets of mat making from ordinary and accessible materials.

Three exhibitions were opened during the Conference. There were graphics works from funds of Kaunas art school (Lithuania) and International Contest “In my Homeland” as well as plain-air paintings of students and teachers who participated in the project “Dialogue  of  the Centuries: First World War and Peace of Today”. The exhibit will be situated in the gallery “ Nature and Creativity” of the National center for environmental and local studies till the end of February.

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