“Dialogue of centuries”: The exhibition of graphics has opened in Minsk

The final exhibition of International Cultural and Educational Project “Dialogue of Centuries: First World War and Peace of Today” has opened on 7 August at the National Library of the Republic of Belarus. The exhibition features 52 works made by artists from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine in various graphic techniques.

The authors of works are people of different ages and professional experience, from students of art colleges and universities to honored artists and teachers of art. All of them were united by a keen interest in the history of the beginning of XX-th century, and the desire to comprehend the events of the First World War, which is a historical milestone that has dramatically changed the entire fate of modern civilization.

Works illustrate the writings that have become classic literature - the poetry of Akhmatova A., Blok A., Voloshin M., Gumilev N., Mandelstam O., Mayakovsky V., Tsvetaeva M. and prose of Barbyus A.,.Remark E. M, Stepun F., Tolstoy A., Sholokhov M. It is not an accident that participants work with literature: according to the organizers, nothing but art can clearly convey the spirit of the time, its hopes and despair, mistakes and discoveries, images of people, and life itself.

The exhibition runs until August 28. Works will be exhibited during October 14-15 during the second international socio-scientific readings “Dialogue of Centuries: First World War and Peace of Today” in Minsk Regional Library. named after A. Pushkin.