Attention! Art and Graphics Contest “In My Homeland” Accepts Works Again!

Freshness, bright colors, new and unusual flowers, high spirits are all presents of spring. This year spring presented us really rare gift – wisteria and magnolia blooming in our garden. Of course, such wonder inspires to create something bright and beautiful! Traditionally in spring we announce International Art and Graphics Contest “In My Homeland”.

Traditionally free topic of the Contest is “In My Homeland”. Other optional topics suggested:

100 years ago. Life is a river, and history is a huge ocean, which unites the events of people's lives, cities and countries. Take a look at the ocean, and you will see there is a storm and calm, sorrows and joys, terrors and wonders, as well as the shadows of the people among whom may your ancestor be. And no matter how scary it is sometimes to look into it, it must be done, because as water nourishes the land, history ocean nourishes our lives and future. 100 years - a small drop in the ocean of history, but it largely determines the date. Let's take a closer look at this drop and try to see the events and people of the time in our land.

The songs of native land. Songs accompany us during our life. We hear them on the concert, on the radio, in the trip, in the family. And, of course, everyone has a song that he really likes. When you hear a song, you see some image, you catch the mood, and sometimes really want to draw this image.

Those who are near us. Each of us has someone, we care about and someone who cares about us. Their images are stored in our soul, but sometimes we want to show them to the whole world.

«We'll go, we'll fly»: Journey - a whole little life: first, plans, fantasies, expectations, then the road, new places, experiences and acquaintances, and when we are back home - the memories that remain not only in our mind. Share Your Memories!

Year passes changing colors... Each season has its beauty, nature changes colors and mood. And how you see that?

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Novelty of this year is Ist International Cartoon and Film-Strip Contest that give young artist an opportunity to try themselves in animation. Topic of the Ist Contest is free.

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