Exhibition of the creative works of Gunefa Matjushenkova’s students

The exposition comprises more than 150 instructional and final works from the funds of Slutsk children`s art school in which Gunefa Matjushenkova has been teaching composition for more than 25 years.

The opening of the exhibition took place on February 9 during the International Conference for Artists-Teachers “Modern Art Education of Children and Youth”.

The works presented at the exhibition strike with their rich colouring, complex composition, sublimity and seriousness of the conveyed thought.

This exhibition offers a journey into the world of fantasy, an original point of view on the solutions for the topic, harmonious decorative combination of colour and technique, authors’ individual approaches to the criteria of artististry of works and a continual search for the inner self.

The exhibition added to the Conference becoming its bright and memorable part. Jon Muth, the guest of the Conference from USA, after visiting the exhibition was so impressed that even expressed his willingness to learn anew from Gunefa Matjushenkova.



For reference: Ms. Gunefa Matjushenkova – artist, teacher of composition at the Slutsk children’s art school, was awarded numerous diplomas as the teacher behind winning works at different international contests, including the International Contest “In My Homeland”.