Open Project “Dialogue of the Centuries: 1812 – 2012”

NGO “Green Cross Belarus” in collaboration with Club-manor “Bivak” and NGO “Berezina 1812” in frames of the Open Art Project “In My Homeland” organizes the International One-Year Project “Dialogue of the Centuries: 1812-2012”. Dedicated to the 200 anniversary of the Napoleon’s Russian campaign and the events of 1812.

Exactly two centuries have passed since the time when our land was absorbed into the whirlwind of events that drastically changed the course of European history. How this happened? What ordeals underwent our ancestors on their land? What relations do we have to those events? We consider it very important to get the artistic community, and especially young artists, involved in deliberations on these questions.

In frames of the Project will take place:

  • Artistic workshops for young artists and sculptors, who are willing to create art works on the suggested topic,
  • Two-week International Summer Festival for Artistic Youth, during which will be implemented visual arts, sculptural and theatrical artistic projects,
  • International painting, graphics and sculpture exhibition dedicated to the events of 1812 on Belarusian land, that will open in autumn 2012 in Belarus and abroad and will present to the public artistic results of the Project.

Project Partners:

Club-manor “Bivak”
NGO “Berezina 1812”
Borisov Regional Library after I.Kaladeev


More information on the Project can be obtained by phone: +375 29 667 57 80+375 17 210 00 62 or by e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .